​Cloud County recently commissioned a labor study from the Docking Institute. Below are some highlights of that study.

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  • The population of the Cloud County Labor Basin is 111,618. The Civilian Labor Force is 61,081. The Available Labor Pool contains 37,190 individuals

  • More than three-quarters (77.4%) of the Available Labor Pool have at least some college experience and almost all (97.2%) have at least a high school diploma.

  • About 12% of the Available Labor Pool are currently employed as general laborers, while an additional 12% work in government services or technical/high skill blue-collar occupations. About 46% of the Pool work in service sector jobs, while 11% work in professional white-collar jobs. Slightly less than a fifth (18%) are not currently working. 

  • The vast majority (85.7%) of the Available Labor Pool are "willing to work outside of their primary field of employment for a new or different employment opportunity."

  • Almost a third (31% of the members of the Available Labor Pool will commute up to 45 minutes, one-way for an employment opportunity, while 77% will commute up to 30 minutes for employment.

  • An estimated 4,356 members (12%) of the Available Labor Pool are interested in a new job at $10 an hour, 13,689 (39%) are interested at $15 an hour, and 19,794 (53%) are interested at $20 an hour.