Live Here

Plenty of Housing

In 2015, Concordia was ranked one of the top 10 healthiest housing markets in Kansas according to SmartAsset. Unlike many rural communities in Kansas, Concordia can offer a large variety of new and older homes. There are also a variety of rental and leasing options.

Parks, Playgrounds and Pools

In 2014, 900 volunteers came together and built a novelty playground in five days. That spirit didn't stop there. Since that time, two new playgrounds were added to different parts of town. Also, Concordia added a dog park and a frisbee golf course. Our olympic size swimming pool allows us to hold swim meets and keeps our kids cool in the summer.

More Time

New residents always comment about how much more time they have. There is no commute and no traffic making more time for you to spend with your family doing the things you enjoy.

We Love Kids, Kids Love Us

In 2014, NerdWallet ranked Concordia as one of the best cities to raise young families in Kansas and we know why. We really like kids here. We offer baseball, softball, football, soccer, dance, tennis, golf, chess, painting, and children's theater. Our safe streets make it easy for parents to let their kids play outside until the fireflies come out.

Broadway Plaza

The Broadway Plaza is a new, fully programmable public space in the heart of Downtown Concordia. With a giant LED screen to watch football games and movies, a splashpad for kids, and a stage for concerts and recitals, this space entertains residents, neighbors and guests. Click on the photo to visit the Broadway Plaza events calendar and see what's coming up.

Our Schools

Our 4A school system provides excellent opportunities in academics, sports and extra-curriculars like FFA, Debate, Drama, and Chess.


The success of a community can be measured by its downtown. We have a thriving downtown complete with a 4-plex movie theater, multiple restaurants and bars, a donut shop, an old fashioned soda fountain, and specialty clothing and retail. Our downtown will keep your employees and their families busy on the weekends and entertained at night.


Concordia is home to a Walmart Supercenter, multiple farm supply stores, a lumber store, and other shopping experiences outside of its downtown. We might not have everything you want, but we have everything you need.

Golf Course

An 18 hole golf course provides fun for families in Concordia.

Cloud County Community College

Cloud County Community College offers secondary education and training opportunities for your family and your employees. Along with many academic areas of study, CCCC also has an outstanding athletic program.