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Where are the drawings already???

August 18, 2014

Remember June 10th? It was the day that the designers from Bowman Bowman & Novick came to Concordia to walk the mainstreet and meet with locals to talk about a plan for streetscaping and Broadway Plaza. It was the day we rented a ginormous white tent to hold a public meeting gaining input on design elements. That day, the citizens of Concordia voted that the top elements needed in the design of Broadway Plaza were a stage, bathrooms,  a water feature, a movie screen, and a clock. 


It has been two months since that initial meeting and if you are like 9 out of the 10 people who walk through our door at CloudCorp, you want to know when you will get to see drawings. My official answer- in two weeks! 


So what has been happening that whole time? First, our working group went on a visit to BB&N's offices in Manhattan. You might have seen photos from KNCK's website. There, we got a first glimpse of initial design concept. The two weeks following we kicked ideas and drawings back and forth to the design team. At the beginning of this month, we received a more finalized drawing, but wanted to explore some options to make it more cost efficient. Our goal is to present to the city commission some options to proceed. Ultimately, the city commissioners will make the decisions as to what goes in and what comes out. 


So, stay tuned until September 3rd. And please, if you see something that sparks an idea, it's not too late. Shoot me an email or text me a photo at 785-243-8710. 


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