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What do we offer to large industry and manufacturers?

  • More Space.  Concordia has large, shovel ready construction sites away from residential areas.

  • Specialized Training and Education. Cloud County Community College is eager to meet with your company to develop a specialized program to meet your needs. They will follow-up with recruitment efforts to ensure you have the employees needed to be successful. 

  • Affordable Housing. Get more house for your dollar in Concordia. If we don’t have it, you can build it at our geo-thermal housing development.

  • High Speed Fiber. Cunningham Cable can provide you high speed fiber 

  • Proximity to NBAF. Concordia is a pleasant hour and 15 minute drive Northwest of Manhattan. The drive is comprised of state highway 24 and U.S. 81 Expressway.  81 Expressway is the only four lane connecting I-80 and I-70 in Kansas. These major arteries to the U.S. Transportation system are easily and safely accessible from Concordia.

  • Water. Don’t fight for the resources you need to run your business. We have both public and private water to meet your needs.

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Concordia Technologies LLC

Concordia Technologies was founded in 2017 when owners Roy Applequist and Jay T and Cass Reynolds purchased the plant from Arvos. This fabrication company specializes in supplying large scale custom projects for customers.