Welcome Nextlink Internet




Concordia, KS – Nextlink Internet, based in Hudson Oaks, Texas and with operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois, announced it will be expanding its operations to Concordia and the surrounding region in Northern Kansas. 

Nextlink Internet, one of the largest rural internet service providers in the United States provides high-speed internet and voice services in rural areas and small communities. The company uses a mix of fixed wireless and fiber-optic network technologies to deliver services to the under-served residential, business, education and public sector markets. While Nextlink Internet’s roots are in rural Texas markets, it is now broadly expanding across Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. The office in Concordia will immediately add approximately 15 new local jobs to facilitate the build-out of the network in the region and ongoing provision of service to subscribers.

Broadband high-speed Internet connectivity is an obstacle in rural areas of the United States.  Now more than ever, rural areas are in need of a reliable and fast connectivity in order to educate children, promote and expand business services, perform agricultural operations and complete daily job functions from home.

 “We are tremendously excited to expand our operations throughout Kansas and begin providing high speed internet and phone to underserved residents and businesses who perhaps were struggling to get quality high speed internet at their location” said Bill Baker, CEO of Nextlink Internet.  “I would encourage anyone in the region who might be interested in leasing or selling us land to build a tower to expand high speed internet service into their area to reach out to us for more information at towers@team.nxlink.com.”

“We are excited to welcome Nextlink to Concordia and Cloud County,” said Kim Reynolds, Executive Director of CloudCorp.  “The partnership is great, because our location and transportation system will be beneficial to the work Nextlink is doing by providing ease of access to numerous areas across Kansas, not to mention ample jobs for our skilled labor workforce.”