Cloud County's top industries are homegrown success stories. Agriculture, brick manufacturing, and metal fabrication are our core industries. Read more about our top industries below. 

Meridian Way Wind Farm
Concordia is located in the center of the wind belt. We are home to the Meridian Way Wind Farm, a 201 megawatt facility providing approximately 55,000 average Kansas homes with clean energy.
Champlin Tire Recycling
This full service tire recycling specialist uses recycled tires as raw material for manufacturing new products like benches, tables and ground cover. Created in 1992, CTRI has grown to be one of the top ten largest tire recyclers in the nation.
F&A Food Sales
F&A has been serving customers for over four decades. They started with two guys and a truck in 1970 and have grown to become one of the largest food distributors in the states they serve. They are additionally one of the largest ice cream distributors in the central U.S. stocking over 1000 ice cream items.
Gerard Tank & Steel
Since 1979, Gerard Tank & Steel has fabricated and erected water, liquid and dry storage tanks for municipalities, industry, and rural water districts. They additionally do custom fabrication and erection of other types of products.
Cloud Ceramics
Since 1944, Cloud Ceramics has produced some of the finest bricks in the world. Their work can be seen in many countries and well throughout the United States. They specialized in fine face brick and produce over 30 different colors in a variety of sizes and textures.
Concordia Technologies LLC
Concordia Technologies was founded in 2017 when owners Roy Applequist and Jay T and Cass Reynolds purchased the plant from Arvos. This fabrication company specializes in supplying large scale custom projects for customers.
Concordia and Cloud County are deeply rooted in agriculture. 15% of our total workforce are directly employed in ag jobs, with 53% of our gross regional product coming from ag.
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