We have a variety of incentives that can work together to help you finance your project.

Local Incentives

Tax Abatements and IRBs

Concordia and Cloud County offers up to 10 years tax abatement or IRBs  for manufacturing or research facilities. This incentive is determined by the type of business, quality of jobs created or retained, wages paid, capital investment and overall community impact. 

Neighborhood Revitalization Act

If you don't qualify for IRBs or abatements, this is another option for you. 

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program provides property tax rebates to those building within the revitalization district. The district encompasses all of Cloud County except for the Concordia TIF District.


To be eligible, the construction must be for residential, commercial, farm home sites, or agriculture buildings. The incremental value increase must be $20,000 or more. Eligibility is determined by the County Appraiser in conjunction with the Cloud County Clerk.


Rebates are for five years on a graduated level. Year 1- 95%, Year 2- 70%, Year 3- 60%, Year 4- 50%, Year 5- 25%.


This program expires December 2020.

Concordia Revolving Loan Fund

The Concordia Revolving Loan fund is a CDBG program and is a high risk loan pool. Applicants can obtain $35,000 per job being created/retained, subject to availability of funds. The interest rate is up to the bank as this is a bank loan guaranty program. The term is 3-7 years for working capital and inventory and 3-15 years for fixed assets. Primary eligibility requirements include bank participation. This is a bank loan guaranty program. Additionally, the program is only available in the City of Concordia. 51% of the jobs created/retained must be to the benefit of low-to-moderate income families through survey. Construction projects require adherence to Davis-Bacon Wage Rates and ADA handicapped accessibility.

Get in the Cloud Small Business Grant

The Get in the Cloud Grant Program is an aggressive approach to recruiting small business in Cloud County. We want your startup in Cloud County and we're willing to invest to make it a reality.


The Get In The Cloud Grant awards 50% of startup costs up to $50,000 on a competitive basis to business owners looking to open their doors in Cloud County. The guidelines and application will walk you through the steps you need to take to apply. Click on the picture to go to our Get in the Cloud Page.

Tax Increment Financing District

The Tax Increment Financing District in Concordia takes in the South Development near Walmart, the entire 81 Corridor and downtown. This district is set to expire in 2020.


The TIF district allows for infrastructure work, site clearance, and sidewalk/gutter projects on TIF sites. Please come talk to us at the CloudCorp office if you have a project. All TIF projects must be approved by the Concordia Planning Commission with final approval by the Concordia City Commission.

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