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What do we offer to large industry and manufacturers?

  • More Space:  Concordia has large, shovel ready construction sites away from residential areas.

  • Specialized Training and Education: Cloud County Community College is eager to meet with your company to develop a specialized program to meet your needs. They will follow-up with recruitment efforts to ensure you have the employees needed to be successful. 

  • Affordable Housing: Get more house for your dollar in Concordia. If we don’t have it, you can build it at our geothermal housing development.

  • Direct Fiber Connection: Cunningham Cable is part of the Kansas Fiber Network, offering a direct fiber connection into the NBAF site and other locations. It is faster, safer and less intrusive than Google Fiber.

  • Proximity to NBAF: Concordia is a pleasant hour and 15 minute drive Northwest of Manhattan. The drive is comprised of state highway 24 and U.S. 81 Expressway.  81 Expressway is the only four lane connecting I-80 and I-70 in Kansas. These major arteries to the U.S. Transportation system are easily and safely accessible from Concordia.

  • Water: Don’t fight for the resources you need to run your business. We have both public and private water to meet your needs.

Concordia East Development

The 500-acre site is located on the east side of Concordia, KS one mile from U.S Highway 81. Highway 81 is the only four-lane connecting I-80 and I70 in Kansas, two of America’s main arteries for trucking. The side has two rail lines on the property. The BNSF runs through the southwest corner and the Kyle/UP has a line that runs along the Northside of the property. The BNSF runs through the southwest corner and the Kyle/UP has a line that runs along the Northside of the property. The site is located within Concordia city limits and is zoned heavy industry. 

The site was originally a proposed location for another plant. Railbeds and ballasts were put in place to accommodate a spur off of the BNSF line and a three-track loop. Those beds are still in place today. 


There are 1200 acre-feet of industrial well water on the site. The water rights are owned outright by the landowner and will be negotiated upon the sale of land.

The site has two natural gas lines that run through the property; Kansas Gas and the Kinder-Morgan line. Prairieland Electric has 13.8KV three-phase on-site capable of handling your electrical load. There is no wastewater located on-site.

This property is owned by a single landlord who is

community-minded and eager to move the property forward for economic development purposes. The price of the land is $15,000/acre but is negotiable. Property taxes are 25% on the appraised value. 

Concordia North Development- Light Industrial Greenspace w/ Utilities

Concordia North Development- Light Industrial Greenspace w/ Utilities

This 35 acres of prime property is located North of Concordia on Highway 81, the only four-lane connecting I-80 and

I-70 in Kansas, two of America’s main arteries for trucking. The property is industrial green space zoned industrial light. The North Development is within the city limits of Concordia giving developers immediate access to gas, water, sewer, electricity, and fiber.​


The Utilities for this property are as follows:

  • Electricity: Serviced by Prairieland Electric with 3.5 MW substation on-site with three-phase electricity available

  • Water: Serviced by the City of Concordia with an 8 inch main and 85 psi. We have the ability to handle the stated       150,000-200,000 gallons/day usage

  • Sewer: City of Concordia, 875 MGD Capacity. We have the ability to handle 900 BOD

  • Gas: Serviced by the City of Concordia with a 4" line*

  • Data/Voice/Fiber: Serviced by Cunningham Communication and is 100x100, fiber is >1GB, redundancy.


The landowner is aggressive and has a shared vision for development. He works closely with CloudCorp, the local economic development agency to aid the agency in progressive business opportunities. The price difference depends on which lots are chosen. If the entire 35 acres is purchased, a lower per acre price will be negotiated.

The first new development on the property is an 80 bed county prison, which opened in 2014. The Kansas Department of Transportation built a facility as well and PrairieLand Partners has one of the largest John Deere Dealerships in the United States and is located across the highway from this development.


Lots range from $12,000 to $20,000 per acre and are all within Concordia City Limits. Click here for a printable flyer and plat.

Concordia Industrial Park

The Concordia Industrial Park is located between East 7th Street on the North, East 11th Street on the South, and East 7th Street on the East. This land is zoned Industrial and has 15 available lots with a total of 23.44 acres available for development. All utilities are close. 

Former Truck Stop- North of Concordia  on Highway 81-West Side

This property is 11+ acres and was previously a truck stop.  It is located north of Concordia on the west side of Highway 81. 

Real Estate-North of Concordia on Highway 81-East Side 

Real Estate-Approximately 16 acres available

*10 Acres of agricultural land

*6+ Acres of residential property

If potential buyer would like to zone for commercial, zoning application applies. 

Land sits outside of city limits of Concordia to the North.  

We also have many small business properties for sale or rent. Concordia has existing buildings downtown. Visit our Businesses For Sale page to see more. 

Small Business Properties: Retail, Service, and Commercial


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