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What do we offer to large industry and manufacturers?

  • More Space.  Concordia has large, shovel ready construction sites away from residential areas.

  • Specialized Training and Education. Cloud County Community College is eager to meet with your company to develop a specialized program to meet your needs. They will follow-up with recruitment efforts to ensure you have the employees needed to be successful. 

  • Affordable Housing. Get more house for your dollar in Concordia. If we don’t have it, you can build it at our geo-thermal housing development.

  • Cunningham Cable is part of the Kansas Fiber Network, offering a direct fiber connection into the NBAF site and other locations. It is faster, safer and less intrusive than Google Fiber.

  • Proximity to NBAF. Concordia is a pleasant hour and 15 minute drive Northwest of Manhattan. The drive is comprised of state highway 24 and U.S. 81 Expressway.  81 Expressway is the only four lane connecting I-80 and I-70 in Kansas. These major arteries to the U.S. Transportation system are easily and safely accessible from Concordia.

  • Water. Don’t fight for the resources you need to run your business. We have both public and private water to meet your needs.

Concordia East Development

This 600 acre property has everything you need but wastewater. If you pick it, the City of Concordia will beat you there with access. It's located between farm ground along KS State Highway 9 eliminating residential and commercial neighbors. 

  • 600 developable acres

  • Zoned Heavy Industry

  • 1200 acre feet of water

  • Prairieland Electric

  • Cunningham Cable High Speed Fiber

  • Kansas Gas Service

  • Price: Negotiable

  • Two rail lines run through the property: BNSF and Kyle UP

  • Over one million dollars worth of existing railbeds in place from a former project including the loop you see in the photos and video.

Concordia North Development- Light Industrial Greenspace with Utilities

Concordia has over 50 acres of shovel-ready property on the high-traffic US Highway 81. The property is zoned industrial light and has all utilities ready to go:

  • Zoned Industrial Light within city limits

  • City Water/Sewer/Gas

  • Prairieland Electric

  • Cunningham Cable High Speed Fiber on site

  • Direct access to 4-lane 81 Highway connecting I-80 and I-70


The first new development on the property is an 80 bed county prison, which opened in 2014. The Kansas Department of Transportation is planning to build a facility in 2016. Concordia Tractor Inc. has one of the largest John Deere Dealerships in the United States, and is located across the highway from this development.


Lots range from $12,000 to $20,000 per acre and are all within Concordia City Limits. Click here for a printable flyer and plat.

Concordia Industrial Park

The Concordia Industrial Park is located between East 7th Street on the North, East 11th Street on the South, and East 7th Street on the East. This land is zoned Industrial and has 15 available lots with 23.44 acres available for development. All utilities are close. 

Small Business Properties: Retail, Service, and Commercial

We also have many small business properties for sale or rent. Concordia has existing buildings downtown and shovel ready property for development near the Walmart Supercenter on 81 highway. Visit our Small Business Properties page to see more. 

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